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Main informations about me

Hi! My name is Rodolfo Cardoso. I am a Software Engineer specialized in Mobile app development with 3 years of experience (about 3 on Android and 1 on iOS). I am currently working at Atlântico Europa Bank where I am responsible for the development of new features and maintenance of the mobile apps. I am specially motivated by the development of user-oriented apps with polished design and UI/UX.

  • 28
  • Lisbon, Portugal
  • Instituto Superior Técnico
  • Bachelor, Software Engineering
  • 3 year

Some languages I've used


Some tools/technologies I've used

Android Studio90%
Google Cloud Platform70%
Microsoft Azure70%
Visual Studio80%

Professional Experience

Some projects I made
  • Atlântico Europa Bank

    Android and iOS Developer, Set 2019 – Present.

    ATLANTICO Europa is a bank strongly focused on mobile banking and foreign clients. It was the first bank in Portugal offering the possibility to open a bank account remotely through the mobile app.

    • Developed and launched a new refreshed version of the mobile banking app MyAtlantico, rolled out gradually in multiple updates.
    • Refactored from the previous MVVM architecture to the new Clean architecture in Kotlin.
    • Maintenance and development of new features for Android.
    • Maintenance and development of new features for iOS.
    • Worked within a team of 12 colleagues, using Agile methodology and Microsoft Azure DevOps.
  • AI Bitcoin

    Android app, Jul 2019.

    AI Bitcoin is an Android app that shows cryptocurrency price charts and forecast. This forecast is based on the output of a bot that uses an artificial neural network trained on historical data. Published on Google Play Store.

    The back-end consists of two servers:

    A main server registers bitcoin data and hosts the trading bot that calculates the forecast. To calculate the forecast, this bot uses an Artificial Neural Network that was trained to use a multitude of market indicators. It was developed in Java and is hosted on Google Cloud Platform.

    The secondary server is a standard HTTP server that supplies bitcoin data to the user app. It is also hosted on Google Cloud Platform.

  • MonsterTruck Racing

    Android app, 2017.

    In this game, the player drives a monster truck through various terrains. Each of the 31 levels were designed individually with great care to the playability and realistic 2D physics.

    Uses OpenGL, Box2D physics library. Made in Java and Android Studio.

  • Life Emotions

    Internship, Front-end Developer, Feb 2014:

    Life Emotions is a company specialized in designing and developing custom smart home solutions.

    • Developed a photo display web app for large touch-screen tables (front-end), made in Javascript and HTML.
    • Contributed to a Home automation web app for mobile devices, made in Javascript and HTML.

Hobby Projects

Some stuff I made as a hobby.
  • Custom-made 3D printer I built to create mechanical parts and enclosures to other electronic projects. It is a modified Tevo Tarantula. Capable of printing in PLA and ABS plastic.

  • Two Arduinos programmed to work as a 70's computer with a very simple OS, interface for keyboard and controller, analog output to use a TV as a screen. It can run some games like Space Invaders and Tetris.

  • Arduino based Geiger Counter (radiation detector), with a 400V boost-converter circuit, to operate a sbm-20 geiger tube. The sbm-20 was mass-produced during the cold war in Russia.